This pricing applies only to youth classes. To find out adult classes pricing information check out our adult classes.

The Best Deal

Unlimited Classes

  • $1,350 / Semester

Youth Class Prices

45 Minute Class

  • $245 / Semester

60 Minute Class

  • $270 / Semester

Ballet I

  • $470 / Semester

Ballet II

  • $593.75 / Semester

Ballet III

  • $740 / Semester

Ballet IV

  • $987.50 / Semester

Youth Ensemble

  • by audition


  • by audition

Yes! Boys dance too! Boys who dance multiple times per week get 50% off all regularly scheduled, tuition-based classes. This includes Ballet I, II, III & IV. For example: Ballet I (meets twice a week) is 50% off by itself. Jazz I (meets once a week) and Modern I (meets once a week) would also get you 50% off when combined together. Dance can be intimidating for boys to want to join and we here at ODS want to do the most possible to encourage boys to dip their toe into as many styles as possible.

Have a family of dancers? Not a problem! We offer a 10% discount to any additional siblings. Discount applies to siblings taking the lesser amount of classes.

Additional fees to expect throughout the year include a one time registration fee for any tuition based classes, a recital costume fee per class, and late payment fees if tuition is received after the 15th of any given month. Fees are subject to change.

Tuition payments are automatically drafted on the 1st of every month. Please have a credit card ready to be saved on file when registering your child or yourself for class.