Open Door Studios Dance Foundation

Teacher Recommendation Instructions:
Teachers, please complete the following rubrics to give us insights to the candidate’s character and ability. In addition, please submit a brief narrative of your interactions with the student, including specific examples of artistry, openness and/or determination in pursuing his/her future goals.


1= Good (above average) 2=Excellent (top 10%) 3= Outstanding (top 2-3percent)

Commitment: Demonstrates substantial interest in dance 123

Involvement: Practices high levels of activity in the art form 123

Emotional Stability, Maturity and Self-discipline: 123

Openness: Willing to explore new experiences 123

Cooperative Behavior: Participates well in peer groups 123

Respect and Tolerance for the views and ideas of others 123

Technical Merit

1= Good (above average) 2=Excellent (top 10%) 3= Outstanding (top 2-3percent)

Strength 123

Alignment 123

Musicality 123

Flexibility 123

Artistry 123

By checking this acceptance box I acknowledge that the information provided in this application is accurate and that I am qualified to make a recommendation on behalf of this applicant. Open Door Studios will follow up with you with the information you provided to verify your recommendation.